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Raymond mill processing fly ash becomes quality building materials

 Fly ash is one of the larger of China\'s current emissions of industrial waste , with the development of the power industry , fly ash emissions from coal-fired power plants every year. Thus ash hazards threatening the sustainable development but also social and ecological environment. Recently learned from the media , and the much-maligned originally waste fly ash utilization of one million kilowatts in the ultra-supercritical coal-fired power plant units , from the garbage into a baby. Not only is no longer pollute the surrounding environment, but also create a good economic value.
    It is understood that the coal ash is produced during combustion of solid waste. In China, because of the large coal-fired power plants , coal ash has become the single largest source of pollution of industrial solid waste , emissions more than 300 million tons . But now the country has been a lot of ways you can make use of fly ash and measures again. For example, China Huaneng Yuhuan Power Plant on through the efforts of a group of successful introduction of international advanced production equipment , will be the quality of fly ash production of building materials . Capacity utilization for two years in China Yuhuan Power Plant was 1.2068 million tons of fly ash , equivalent to saving 950,600 tons of cement , 211 million yuan savings in raw material costs , fewer emissions of carbon dioxide to the atmosphere 774,400 tons , 301.7 acres of conservation land , made ​​more good social and environmental benefits.
    vipeak Heavy series mill equipment can be processed into different size fine ash . Especially Raymond mill equipment with three-dimensional structure, small footprint , complete and strong , refined powder fineness of uniform rate of 99% through sieve properties, processability of fly ash in building materials used in construction . After the processing of fly ash can be incorporated after an appropriate amount of gypsum and the amount of added water quenched slag or slag aggregate , after processing, mixing, digestion, grinding wheel , press forming , pressure forming , or high pressure steam curing a wall material ; sintered fly ash bricks, fly ash , clay and other industrial wastes as raw material, raw material processing, mixing, forming, drying , firing into training brick ; autoclaved fly ash production of foam insulation bricks, fly ash as the main raw material , adding a certain amount of lime and foams, after batching , mixing, injection molding and autoclaved burn from a new insulation bricks ; fly ash as raw material, the amount of added lime, cement , gypsum and aluminum powder, add water and stir the slurry was injected into a mold made ​​of a porous steam-cured lightweight construction materials ; Lytag , fly ash as the main raw material , mixed with a small amount of binder and solid fuel , after mixing , into a ball , high temperature roasting and made ​​an artificial lightweight aggregate .
 vipeak Raymond mill processing fly ash becomes quality building materials , vipeak Heavy Raymond on performance and to optimize the quality of the machine equipment can be called Raymond Raymond machine , its scope : Raymond mill suitable for barite , calcite, feldspar , talc , marble , limestone, ceramics , glass, etc. Mohs hardness of not more than 7 and humidity below 6% of non- explosive mining , chemicals, building materials, milling and processing and metallurgical industries than 280 kinds of materials, product size in the range of 100-325 mesh of arbitrary regulation.

Posted by: Roy on Jan 22 2014

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