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An Overview to Dried Fruits

If we discuss here about fruits so this topic would be the lengthiest topic on this forum. So, I am merging here some expert opinions about Dried Fruits and their Exporter countries. Dried Fruits belong to a brief topic. I will discuss here about most common dried fruits, their benefits, their precautions to trade and the interesting point of this read is I will mention here some global suppliers and producers of Dried Fruits. Let’s start from my side!

Dried Fruits belong to the family of Fruits and later connect with Agriculture Products. Dried Fruits are one of the most traded goods in the world. Commonly, dried fruits are used in winter season but some fried fruits have good cold reaction so they are being used in summers too. There are thousands of types of Dried Fruits. They are originated after process of natural drying or some by dehydrators. The earliest form of the dried fruits is dates and modern is raisin so on. Some common Dried Fruits are:

  • Acorns are also known as oak nuts have leathery shell mostly used in Japan as a food
  • Almonds are quite common and have many species. They have hard shell with sweet taste (rarely bitter)
  • Apricots can be dried after the natural process and they have sweet taste
  • Beef Nut are rarely found as a dried fruits but they have nutrient food at all
  • Cashews are one of the wealthiest dried fruits on the earth and have different taste
  • Cherries are dried through dehydrators and have lots of nutrition in it
  • Chestnuts have up to eight species. They can be seen in temperate regions like Northern Hemisphere
  • Coconuts are quite special tropical fruits and they are used for many purposes
  • Figs from Iran have good quality and have sour to sweet taste. They are nutrient at all and have no side effects
  • Hazelnuts have hard shells and they should be cooked before consumption. Turkey is largest producer for Hazelnuts
  • Macadamia Nuts have nine species and mainly used as a skincare supplements. They are too nutrient to protect your skin
  • Peanuts are not only a favorite fruit for monkeys but they are the most consumed dried fruit on the globe
  • Pine Nuts are seeds and used as an edible source of food. They have twenty species at all
  • Pistachios are so nutrient to use and they are also most consumed fruits on our planet
  • Walnuts are useful for us because we love cakes and they are too nutrient to be used.
The largest producers of these dried fruits are located mostly in Asia & Africa and some in Europe. The first largest producer of dried fruits is Iran. One the second, Turkey exports a large number of dried fruits every year. The third largest producers of dried fruits are South Africa. If you want to import quality Dried Fruits to your country so find Suppliers here. Let’s start discussion about related questions and experiences.

Posted by: Ja on May 17 2012

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