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Types of Heavy Construction Equipment


Crane is construction equipment with a hoist, chains or ropes and sheaves. They are highly used in heavy lifting purpose in the construction and rescue work. Cranes are of different types such as Aerial crane, Carry deck crane, Deck crane, Floating crane, Gantry crane, Jib crane, Loader crane, Overhead crane, Stacker crane, Tower crane, Truck-mounted crane etc.

Cranes, A list of Heavy Construction Equipment

Road Rollers

Road rollers are actually a special type of compactor vehicle which is used for compacting soil, gravelling, leveling concrete, and building foundation and roads. Road rollers are often called roller- compactor or roller in several countries of the world. The power of road rollers is measured by the ton; the more weight it possesses, the more powerful it is.

Road Rollers, A list of Heavy Construction Equipment


Loader is another example of heavy construction equipment and it is vastly used in sidewalk maintenance and construction as well as loading materials like dirt, raw materials, logs, gravel, asphalt, recycled item, woodchips, demolition debris etc. Loaders are of different types such as armored wheel loaders, Skid loaders, Swing loaders, Track loaders etc.

Loaders, A list of Heavy Construction Equipment


There is hardly any construction farm in the world today that doesn’t use crawler. To speak the truth, it is one of the most important construction materials in today’s world and any sort of construction work can be greatly hampered due to the absence of crawlers. Crawlers are not only a heavy lifter but also a very fast Demolisher.

Crawlers, A list of Heavy Construction Equipment


Excavators are heavy construction equipment that is vastly used in digging foundations, controlling materials, landscaping, heavy lifting, dredging, piling, brush cutting and demolition. This equipment has great importance in Mining industry, construction work and forestry work. Excavators are often called diggers, mechanical shovels and JCBs based on their uses on different industries.

Excavators, A list of Heavy Construction Equipment


Forklift (also called Forklift trucks) has great uses for heavy lifting tasks and transporting construction materials. Like cranes and loaders, forklift is also of different types such as Articulated Counterbalance Trucks, Automated forklift trucks, Electric Forklifts, Guided Very Narrow Aisle Trucks, Omnidirectional Trucks and so on.

Forklift, A list of Heavy Construction Equipment


Bulldozer is a heavy construction equipment that is basically used for demolition purposes. This equipment has great uses in the mining industry, military farms, different engineering projects and heavy industry factories. The bulldozer is often modified to do specific tasks and some of the modifications of bulldozer include calfdozer, angledozer, armored bulldozer etc.

Bulldozer, A list of Heavy Construction Equipment

Motor Grader

Motor graders (also known as a grader or road grader) has great uses in different civil engineering works such as finishing grades. Motor graders are also used in maintaining dirty roads and gravelling roads, removing snow (in Northern European countries, USA and Canada). To some specific extent, motor graders are good alternative of the bulldozer.

Motor Grader, A list of Heavy Construction Equipment


Backhoes (also known as back actor or rear actor) are another good example of heavy equipment that is vastly used in different construction purposes. As a heavy lifter they are often used in lifting heavy materials and rescue works like cranes and to speak frankly they are just the best alternative for cranes.

Backhoes, A list of Heavy Construction Equipment


Seeing the name, I hope, you can definitely understand what service this heavy construction equipment provides. They are used for reducing the size of waste materials and soil by compaction. In construction purposes three major types of compactors are used such as the plate compactor, road roller and Jumping Jack.

Compactors, A list of Heavy Construction Equipment

Posted by: Steven on Feb 13 2014

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