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Common Types of Clothing

Clothing is a need of men from the start of society because it helps us to protect from many elements like weather and insect bites. Clothing is mainly used for covering our body but somewhere you may see it as a part of tradition. Hence, in every situation clothing has a great importance. You may find many clothing around you from the range of formal to informal, swimwear to nightwear, cocktail to wedding dress. Besides them, you will see them in cultures, ethnics, religions and even in studies. That means they are the necessary parts of life so read about some of the common types of clothing.


Blouse is one of the most common clothing usually worn by women and girls. It is one of the loosest types of shirt which can be strapped around the body with the help of belt. It looks great on women but in some traditions, it is the cultural aspect for men too. Blouses


Coats are most common formal suits that can be seen easily in offices worn by men and women. It is also one of the most used clothes on occasions and the oldest too. Coats have different types because of style and shape but commonly it has 3 buttons on middle front, a big collar, 1 upfront pocket and 2 side pockets. Another example is raincoat used for covering body while rain. Coats


Jackets usually help people to cover the body when there is cold. It is also used for many purposes like fire safety clothing, hazardous chemical safety clothing and mining safety clothing. You may see them in many ways made up of different fabrics according to its uses. Commonly, jackets can be seen in leather, velvet, fur, plastic. cotton, polyester and nylon. Jackets


Jeans is a type of pants usually made of denim clothing and worn by both ladies and gents. Jeans is the only clothing which can be seen in both formal and informal suiting. It is one of the most popular fashion clothing which has great color combinations, long lasting fabrics and unique styles which suits on everybody. Jeans


Nightwear is a type of clothing used to wear for sleep as it is clear with its name. It is also called sleepwear and common in both men & women. Women have great variety of night gowns and on the other hand men choose pajamas. Commonly used nightwears are onesie, chemise, negligee, pajamas, nightshirt and babydoll. Night Gowns


It is most common and used clothing for all the times that is used by all genders and ages for many purposes. v are one of the apparels that have more than 100 styles according to the fashions and genders. They are sometimes sleeveless, half sleeved and even a common one is full sleeves. It looks trendy in all seasons either it is summers or winters. Furthermore, shirts can be made up of any clothing up to your requirements and weather needs like cotton, polyester, silk, velvet and even in leather that can be used in both formal and informal ways. Shirts


Shorts are quite easy example of pants with half legs and can be used in summers by all genders for some purposes. It is trendy look clothing usually worn informally but sometimes it can be seen as a sports and school uniform. It is some sort of bifurcated piece of clothing usually worn like a pants but it can’t cover your whole legs. Shorts should be made of soft clothing which helps most in summers. Shorts


Skirts are quite similar to the shorts but not same because of some interesting facts that can be measured easily. It is one of the common girls’ clothing usually made up of cotton and denim clothing and can’t cover whole legs at all. It is also being used as girls’ sports and school uniforms because of trendy look. Skirts are not bifurcated at all and have many types like pencil, maxi and mini. Skirts


Suits were one of the most formal clothing in history but today it can be seen at dance parties, music concerts and somewhere else like that. Suit normally made up of cotton clothing with underlay that makes it visible and hard on the body. Suit takes too times to be ready and costs much as compared to other formal wears. Suits


Swimwear can only be used while swimming and it is considered as quite helpful for prevention of body from harmful symptoms while swimming. Swimsuits are usually made up of waterproof fabrics and tightened from top to bottom. Swimwear All of the above, these types of clothing cover your body, groom your personality and show your maturity between your gathering. Just like that, clothing is one of the most useful things after language which represents you between many traditions. If you are global clothing importers or clothing suppliers, please visit our buyers and suppliers directories to find reliable trade partners.

Posted by: Mukesh on Jun 18 2012

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