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What are Grains?

What do you think about grains? They are one of the main parts of our routine food and if we move closer to grains so we have variety of grains in our hands to be discussed. These grains can be routine protein or help to get rid of major diseases like cholesterol, heart attack, asthma, blood sugar and high blood pressure. Grain belongs from the family of agriculture products and has a lot of products like legumes, lentils, kernels, cereals and much more. Some of the common grains are necessary to be defined here we compiled essential information of these grains that will be helpful for you!


As we talked before that many cereals belong to the category of grains so one of them is barley. It is basically a highly nutrient food found in the fields sticking to its specific grass. It is one of the healthiest foods used as most of soups’ main ingredient and besides that you found it more useful in the form of bread. Another use of barley is barley flour which is quite common in most of the Asian countries and some beverages like beer based on the water came from barley. It has more than 14 types grown in different regions of the world but Germany, France, Ukraine and Russia dominate the industry of barley.

Barley Grains


Buckwheat is obtained from its plant and used for many medicinal, food and beverage purposes. It is one of nutrient grains which have the power to grow your mind and so it can be found in most of the medicines because of rutin which strengthens the capillary walls of human body. Moreover, it can be found in gluten-free beer and noodles, soups and some other main cuisines can be found with the existence of buckwheat. Likewise, another innovative use of v is pillow filled by upholstered buckwheat. Russia is major producer for buckwheat from last some years as of 2007 they lonely produced 1,000,000 tons!

Buckwheat Grains


Corns are one of the classiest forms of grains which can be found as more nutrient as we never think before. Corns originally originated from maize, they are originated after the process of corning in which grains are extracted from stems. They also belong from the family of grassy plant and have many species according to different origins, colors, tastes and growing processes. Corns are used as main cuisines in many countries but you will find them as nutrient soup content. World’s largest producers for corns are United States, China, Brazil, Mexico, Indonesia and India but America is top of the list with yearly production of more than 300,000,000 tons per year.

Corn Grains


Millet is considered as one of the most important crop for the most of the countries and found so nutrient to be used as main cuisine. Millets are one of the grassy plants that come from the family of grains have four different varieties like pearl, foxtail, proso and finger according to different shapes. India has won as the leader producers of Millets and has average yearly production 8.8 million tons per year. Besides India, other major producers of millets are Nigeria, Niger, Mali, China, Burkina Faso and Uganda. Millets are starchy and as nutrient as found a heavy content of fats, calcium and vitamin B.

Millet Grains


Oat is one of the nutritious food grain came from the flowers of oat’s grassy plants. They have a lot of nutritious contents like carbohydrates, dietary fiber, fats, protein, calcium, iron, magnesium and potassium. Oat helps to get away from several diseases and the colors of oats brown, cream and white are quite attractive to be seen. Oats are used as qualitative foodstuff that can be seen as oat flour, oatmeal, porridge, oatcakes, cookies and some beverages. Oats honored for largest production as compared to other grains, the main producers for oats are Russia with about 6 million ton per year.

Oat Grains


Quinoa is not so common and it not from the grass family grains and can’t be easily found in many parts of the world. v comes from its edible seeds and has some nutritious contents so it is used after cooking and somewhere in raw form. Quinoa has three main colors green, purple and red according to the times of harvesting. Whereas, extreme climate prohibitions required to be followed during the cultivations like the temperature should be 25°F at night and 95°F at day times. Main producers for Quinoa are Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador.

Quinoa Grains


Rice is second most cultivated crop across the world because of high usage of rice it is also highly exported food crop of the world. Rice has more than 4500 types and that made it more particular crop across the globe. Rice found so nutritious and it has mainly carbohydrates, dietary fiber, sugar, fat, protein, water, vitamin B, calcium, Iron and phosphorous. Rice has honored for its multiple uses as food like desserts, pudding, custards, nutrition bars, flour and some other continental dishes like Chinese rice and Bombay Biryani. The main cultivators of rice are China, India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, United States and Vietnam. Same by production, rice mainly consumed in China, India, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Philippine, Japan and Pakistan as the main cuisines nearly everyday.

Rice Grains


If you ever saw the crops of barley, so you would be completely confused by these ryes. They also grown on the grassy plants and found one of the useful nutritious grains across the globe and used as main course for many regions of the world like Russia, Germany, Canada, Turkey and United States. Rye has the power to defeat diseases, so it is used as rye extract in many medicinal uses. Rye can also be seen in the form of rye bread which includes pumpernickel at many regions of Europe. World’s largest producer for rye is Russia with about 4 million metric ton production per year.

Rye Grains


Sorghum is fifth most important food crop of the world. It is mostly cultivated in South Asia, Central America and Africa because of climate friendly natures of these countries. Sorghum belongs to the family of cereals which grown to be used as nutritious food because it has proteins, fibers, carbohydrates, fats, calcium, sugar, iron, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, zinc, copper and much more that is our requirement for routine lives. It consists of 70% starch and America honored as the largest producer for Sorghum in the world!

Sorghum Grains


Wheat is most important crop of the world and cultivated approximately in all parts of the world. Wheat is being used as main cuisine for all the regions of the world because of its powerful contents of nutrition like vitamin K, A, E, B6, folate, fatty acids, nilacin, thiamin and much more that differentiate it from other foods. Wheat is highly cultivated crop of the world found mainly at China, USA, India, Russia, France, Canada, France, Germany, Ukraine, Australia and Pakistan. Whereas, Pakistan is tenth largest producer for wheat in the world with the production of more than 20 million metric ton a year and China is on the top of the list with more than 115 metric ton production for year. Wheat can be used for many raw and cooked foods like nutrition bars, wheat, bread, desserts, cakes, cookies, sweets and much more.

Wheat Grains
Hence, all of the grains have nutritious contents that make them more powerful than each other but the quite similar thing I’ve noticed is Vitamin B that is much necessary for hemoglobin and brain power increments. So, which one from these would you taken for your diets?

Posted by: Mukesh on Jun 18 2012

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