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Boost your Business with Factory Direct Promotional Gifts

Promotional gifts are considered as the best way to drive your business steadily to high positions. Promotional giveaway is basically a key tool of marketing by which most of the companies fame-up their new and existing products to local market through different attractive gifts. Sometimes, companies give free gifts to their consumers in expos and exhibitions but sometimes people have to win these promotional gifts through different ideas. Here we are with some great ideas to boost your business with factory direct promotional gifts so let’s join the discussion to know about this marketing tool.


Badges are usually made of materials using plastics, fabrics, metal and rubber with safety locks, pins and clips to fasten up these badges to your clothing. Basically, they were considered as best fashion accessories part before 17th century but today they are replaced with promotional badges that are best to attract any age of consumer. Promotional Badges

Cigarette Lighters, Ashtrays and Cases

Cigarette lighters, ashtrays and cases are the promotional items that cover the specific age of people that smoke cigarettes. Usually, smokers need to observe the rewards coupons inside the cigarette packets to win these cigarette lighters, ashtrays and cases that are printed with company’s logo. Promotional Lighters

Flags and Banners

Banners and Flags are considered as two best ways for promotion of any company’s product on streets. Promotional banners and flags are usually made of fabrics, plastics, polyester, nylon, synthetic fiber and other materials with printed offers and product information to get the attractions of consumers. Promotional Tripod Banners

Key Chains

Key chains are one of the oldest ways to promote brands and their specific products through different styles. These keychains come in different designs and materials like metal, wood, resins, plastic, paper and even rubber that are sometimes molded with ideas, sometimes etched with logo, printed with products intro and sometimes embossed messages. Promotional Key Chains


Lanyards can be seen through mobile phone straps to id cards holders but basically they are the cheapest way to promote any product. Most of the companies’ giveaway these lanyards to students for their mobile phones and id cards because these printed lanyards with colorful fabric materials play vital role for promotion of any product or service. Promotional Lanyards

LED Flashlights

LED Flashlights are new fashion as promotional gifts because they are very useful and attractive items for giveaways. Additionally, led flashlights cost less than other promotional gifts like clocks and watches that require big amount to place on marketing very few consumers. Promotional LED Flashlights


Maps are the best way to guide out tourists about countries with hotel locations, city attractions addresses and much more. These maps are basically a promotional trick mostly used by airline companies to promote their services among their already customers. Maps are printed off with airline logos and their services’ intro. Promotional Maps


Mugs are not so new way to promote products and services but today we’ve more advantage with these promotional items by stylish designs. Mugs are one of the expansive promotional gifts tricks that are mostly used by big organizations like banks and other commercial institutions. Promotional Mugs

Office and School Supplies

Office Supplies and School Supplies are two different ways of promotional gift giveaways to target specific consumer markets. Office supplies includes papers, pens, notes and diaries that are printed with companies’ logos and can be given to corporate consumers whereas school supplies are consisted of pencils, rubbers, examination boards and markers that can be gifted to students. Office Supplies

Paper Weights

Paper weights are rarely seen promotional gifts but they are good promotional gift that can be gifted to corporate consumers. These paper weights are made of glass with logos of company products and services. These paper weights can be featured out with different styles, shapes and materials from rectangular glass to crystal globes. Promotional Paperweights

Shoppers and Shopping Bags

Shoppers or shopping bags are the best tactics used to promote businesses steadily on big basis. These shopping bags mostly made of plastics with printed logo and contact information of shop or company. Normally, consumers have these printed shoppers when they purchase any product from that shop or company as for need or gift. Promotional Shopping Bags

Sports Bottles

Sports bottles are elegant promotional items that have sometimes embossed image or stickers found around that usually indicating the company’s promotion. You may find many promotional or personalized sports bottles around you that can be promoted through your company’s logo or product’s image. Sports Bottles

Stickers and Decals

Stickers are decals are the initial promotional gift ideas used by most of the big companies like auto accessories manufacturers and fuel refineries to promote out their products and services to common man that is consumer. These stickers are decals made of plastic and paper with printed promotional words that can be placed on cars’ windscreen, school books or home doors. Promotional Stickers


Trophies may be used where promotion is required internationally and sometimes on domestic basis so companies’ giveaway the trophies covering an image of company product or logo for introduction of their goodwill among specific community of consumers or non-consumer public. Promotional Trophy


T-Shirts were not so common some years back as promotional gifts but now different companies are featuring out different styles of shirts to promote their products. Nowadays, marketers are producing stylish promotional shirts for unisex that have large company logos on front and custom messages on back for the sack of company’s promotion. Promotional T-Shirts


Umbrellas are the best promotional gifts that are printed of logos and service message of corporations that helps to promote products and services when there is rain or hot summer day. Umbrellas are not so cost effective for low scale companies so the promotional idea is mostly used by multinational companies and banks that can afford massive advertising expanses. Promotional Umbrellas

USB Drives

This trick was considered as one of the most expansive promotional tricks some years back but after China’s manufacturing of USB flash drives it becomes easy, valuable and cheap. Now, china produces blank USB flash drives that can be pasted with your logo or image and you can declare them officially yours. Giveaways of USB flash drives entertain businesses most when there are some needy students and the beautiful thing is that the good promotional USB drives can be easily produced under US $5! USB Flash Drives


Wallets are purely promotional gifts that are used to capture the men market and specifically to corporate market. These wallets are made of leather with company’s logo on front expressing the marketing or promotional campaign of any products. Wallets are mostly designers’ creations so they are expansive promotional item to be given off. Promotional Wallets


Watches are best giveaways that attract most of the corporate and professional level consumers. Watches have printed logos and service messages of companies in dial section that is sometimes magnified to have more clear view. Promotional watches are expansive gift ideas so only commercially and financially strong companies can bear the costs of their marketing expanse. Promotional Wrist Watches


Wristbands are no doubt the cheapest way to promote your business globally with no age barriers because they attract the youths most and elders so. Colorful wristbands are made of silicone materials used as promotional items by pasting logos on them. These colorful silicone promotional wristbands can be given to students, music lovers and other youngsters from cellular networks, music bands and mobile phone brands. Promotional Wristbands Are you looking to boost your business with these promotional gifts? Let’s join TradeFord.com where a big product gallery is featured out by global promotional gifts suppliers that are waiting for promotional gifts importers inquiries.

Posted by: Mukesh on Jun 18 2012

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